Groomsman Profiles

Matt Steinwand, Best Man

Matt Steinwand has been my best friend since we played t-ball together when we were 5 years old. In fact, every time he introduces me to someone new he says, “I used to play T-ball with this guy!” From skipping afternoon class in high school to ski Eldora, to teaching me how to mountain bike 15 years ago, to playing pool and drinking microbrew in the basement, to moving to Crested Butte together in 2005, Matt has always been there for me. For the last 25 years he has taught me to follow my heart and has always pushed my skiing and biking to the next level. Matt is currently a mountain bike tour guide and mechanic for Western Spirit Cycling Adventures in Moab, Utah.

Marco Salmen, Groomsman

I lived with Marco Salmen during medical school for over 3 years, which just doesn’t feel like enough time. Marco’s seemingly endless energy and passion for life continues to inspire me. His typical day includes a conference call with Kenya to manage his craft cooperative project, brewing 2 batches of beer, planning our next river trip, running 18 miles, and studying hard enough to set the curve on our exams. While this can make me feel lazy, it provides me with a great role model. Marco is currently a first year resident at Minnesota’s combined internal medicine and emergency medicine residency program.

Alex Morton, Groomsman

Alex Morton has been one of my best friends since starting medical school. We have played music for the band Juiceboxx, skied powder at Winter Park, rafted/kayaked/tubed down rivers, and played for the White Coats Can’t Jump intramural basketball team. Alex’s laid back attitude has always been a calming influence during the last four years. It is great knowing he is always ready for fun, whether that means happy hour or an intense mountain adventure. Alex is currently a first year resident in general surgery at the University of Colorado.

Brad Wochumurka, Groomsman

Brad Wochumurka was my roommate during my senior year of college at DePauw. He and his family were kind enough to host me on 2 separate occasions for Thanksgiving, and they all made me feel like part of the family. I have always been impressed with Brad’s ability to succeed at new things. For example, when he wasn’t getting much playing time on the baseball team, he switched to football, a sport he had never played before, and by the end of the season he was catching touchdown passes. He has always been a great friend to me and I look forward to seeing him whenever I am in the Midwest. Brad currently works in Channel Sales for ExactTarget in Indianapolis, IN.

Mike Gonzalez, Groomsman

Mike Gonzalez was my roommate for my final 2 years of college. Mike’s worth ethic in both sports and academics always inspired me to work harder myself. He has been a great friend to me over the years: not only did he come to Boulder for my going away party for Peace Corps, but he even came and visited me in El Salvador. Mike is always up for a good time, and I know we will continue to have fun together, when we get a chance, for the rest of our lives. Mike is currently a pediatric nurse anesthetist at Cook Children’s Medical Center in Fort Worth, Texas.

Eric Eblovi, Groomsman

From the time he taught me how to walk over 29 years ago, Eric Eblovi has been my friend and role model. Eric grew up 2000 miles away from us in Pennsylvania, but some of my favorite childhood memories were from the family vacations we would take together during the summer or at Christmas: cliff jumping at Flaming Gorge, playing late night poker on the Jersey Shore, or boxing with ski gloves in the basement on Waite Drive. Even though I don’t do it often enough, visiting Eric and Marita at their house near the Philadelphia Art Museum always brings back these fond memories. Eric currently works for the SunGard financial software company in Phildelphia.

And the Cunningham brothers, as written by their sister, Claire…

Kevin Cunningham, Groomsman

As the eldest son, Kevin sets a high bar high for the Cunningham siblings to follow. By hinting at the adventures of college life, traveling abroad, or living outside the Midwest, Kevin prompted us all to push our limits growing up. Even after working ungodly hours as a corporate lawyer in Chicago, Kevin is always ready for a good time, a late night, and is always just a phone call away for his siblings. Above all, he set the stage by marrying the most wonderful woman, Julia, who has set the gold standard for Darren and any other future spouses through how she deals with all of the Cunningham Clan with such grace! Kevin and Julia are blessed with the two most adorable blond-haired beauties, Natalie and Ella, our flower girl.

Kyle Cunningham, Groomsman

The middle child or “diamond of our family” (as he prefers to be called), Kyle is adored by his older sister. From quarterback to yogi, from vegetarian to triathlete, Kyle epitomizes living life to its fullest. He tries (not very successfully) to keep up with his sister on the ski slopes in Colorado, and witnessed firsthand the development of Clarren’s relationship. Kyle can be credited with helping acclimate Darren to the Cunningham banter. Kyle has embraced the Boulder, CO lifestyle (although he has agreed to wear shoes to the wedding, don’t be surprised if he busts out a hula hoop on the dance floor), and works for an advertising firm between hiking with his adorable girlfriend, Patty, and taking trips to the mountains.

Casey Cunningham, Groomsman

The youngest brother, Casey will become your best friend before you know what hit you. He’s never met a stranger, so be prepared to have an intense conversation with him over a choice beverage, and know you’ll walk away having learned a little unknown fact and having laughed a lot. Casey is one of a kind and a guaranteed good time! Loyal and charming, Casey Joseph will woo his audience on the dance floor with his patented “purring cat!” dance move. Casey lives in Grand Rapids and is pursuing his degree in biomedical science.

Jovan Turley, Groomsman

Joining our family when he was in 3rd grade, Jovan brings his contagious laugh, style that
always tops the “best dressed list,” and unending love to our family. Jovan always strives to be the best. As captain and leading scorer, he led his Dominican University basketball team to the NAC Tournament. Jovan also has an uncanny ability to rile up Casey (others have surprisingly said they have a similar talent) which always unfolds to be quite a spectacle. Jovan works for a logistics firm and still runs the courts in Chicago, and has offered his services in the 3 on 3 tournament to the highest bidder.

Aiden McCahill, Ring Bearer

Having dominated the school talent show by crushing 100 pushups to AC/DC (pictured above), Aidan clearly is the ideal candidate to strut down the aisle as the ring bearer.  Though a natural on the ski slopes and basketball court, his godmother, Claire, is most proud that Aidan is known as one of the nicest boys in school.  He is an avid reader and killer on the piano keys, however, Aidan’s  greatest talent will shine on the 23rd on the dance floor.  Look out, ladies, this boy can bust a move!